The perks of having contacts abroad – GET CONNECTED

This morning I woke up in a double bed in my own room in a big house right on the cliffs of South Coogie. It was 11am and I’d had a wonderful lie in! In the kitchen downstairs, breakfast was laid out for me and Julie, with four different kinds of cereal, posh bread with seeds, spreads, marmalades, juice and a fridge filled with more food. We feasted on breakfast then made full use of their wifi, booking every single hostel and bus for the rest of our trip – we feel SO organised! It will be such a nice feeling, I’m sure, not having to worry about where we staying or booking a bus when we travel up the east coast, as it will all have been taken care of already!
After then making ourselves a ginormous salad for lunch with grilled hallumi and pine nuts ontop, we set out to explore the garden and the cliffs and to get a better look at the beautiful sea (although I have an amazing view from my window!)

Then while Juliet took Maggie, the dog, for a quick walk, I read my book on a big cosy armchair and skyped my family in CapeTown with nearly perfect connection, it didn’t even have to reconnect once!
Dinner was cooked for us tonight, a huge feast of meat pie and cauliflower cheese, served with a glass of chilled wine and then rasberrys, blueberrys, chocolate biscuits and ice cream for desert, and it was delicious!
Obviously we are ridiculously thankful for the kind couple who are putting us up for a few nights, but if you’re travelling and you have any sort of connections to people, however distant, definitely get in contact! It makes all the difference in the world even having one night in a decent bed, in a room without 7 other people, with a shower that works, a washing machine and some food that isn’t ‘Coles own brand’ costing less than a dollar.
Tomorrow I’m sure i’ll actually leave the homely house… Well we’ll see.

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