SO Australian!

This morning there was torrential rain. I’m not even exaggerating when I say it rained cats and dogs and even a few kangaroos, the rain was pelting down.
After checking out, Juliet and I decided to ‘check out’ the famous ‘Max Brenner’ chocolates in his own coffee shop by the pier. It serves everything to do with chocolate (my idea of heaven) including shots of pure chocolate, chocolate pizza, chocolate waffles, chocolate coffee, chocolate soufflé and much much more! We shared a chocolate cake with a melted chocolate centre with a pot of melted chocolate to dip it in – and we ate it all before I could take a photo! 20140406-232212.jpg
At lunchtime a family friend picked us up from our hostel and we went to Sydney’s Koala Park and Sanctuary with him and his two little kids. It was so much fun to see every kind of Australian animal ever heard of, and when I say every, I mean every!20140406-232338.jpg we saw all of the very Australian animals on that sign post and many more! We also got to stroke koalas and feed kangaroos – Australia’s two most famous animals!! 20140406-232439.jpg20140406-232446.jpg20140406-232456.jpg20140406-232534.jpg20140406-232546.jpg
Note that we’re wearing rain coats because it’s still absolutely pouring with rain the whole time we were there but the animals we’re still friendly and the kangaroos were eager to be fed and happy to show off their hopping infront of us!
One of them even jumped up ontop of the little five year old girl we’d taken to the zoo, scaring her profusely and nearly knocking her over! Apparently kangaroos are so strong and put all their weight on their tail so that they can kick at any time by just balancing on their tails. So contrasting to the shy cute koalas who hid their faces and looked like little teddy bears! Although one of them did poo on top of the little three year old boy we’d taken there’s head without him realising!! We also met a taking cockatoo who actually says the words ‘wanna a cracker?!’ Despite one mans attempts to make it say please, wanna cracker was all we got!

So after an exciting day with the animals and the kids, and then a gorgeous home cooked meal (so nice to have other people cook for you while travelling) we got the train up to South Coogie to stay with Juliet’s granny’s friends. They are a lovely couple who live right on the cliffs over looking the sea, a short walk from Coogie Beach and a short bus journey from Bondi Beach. It makes such a change being in a house with my own room, than being in a dorm and I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight!