Goosebumps in the sand and déjà-vu

This morning we were woken by the bright sun coming through the curtains and immediately disregarded any cinema plans and headed straight to the beach.

20140405-192833.jpg After a few hours of determined sunbathing, despite the cold winds coming off the sea and the grey clouds now nearly filling what had been the blue sky we had to admit defeat and found a cute little coffee shop. Here we read our books on their comfy sofas while drinking marshmallow hot chocolate.

The minute we saw a glimpse of sun again, we paid for our drinks and headed back out to the beach!

However our instincts on the weather were wrong and it was freezing cold, we got goosebumps very quickly! We embraced the cold though, determined to sunbathe while the sun was out, however we ended up being shivering goospimples in bikinis! It was so cold (probably because we literally had no clothes on) that we went back to the hostel, got some trainers (and clothes) on and went for a half an hour run along the beach to warm up!
I’m glad we did though because we definitely need to get fitter before the Inca Trail in South America, so I feel like jogs should become regular occurrences.
After cooking one of our delicious budget meals, sausages with carrots and broccoli (and tomato ketchup, Juliet’s incident has not put her off it!) we found our desert and the best part of today in little Ben and Jerry’s store.

I don’t even feel guilty – we’re allowed ice cream, we exercised today!
It’s crazy how similar Manly is to Camps Bay in Capetown, and how similar Central Sydney is to Central Capetown, with Sydney’s Central quay being exactly like Capetowns’s waterfront. Everything I see here reminds me of something South African. I found a restaurant exactly like one of our favourites called Paranga, the walk to the beach seems the same, the pathway along the beach with hundreds of morning joggers is here and in camps bay, the weather is the same (so lovely then the minute the sun is hidden it’s freezing) and the general atmosphere, look and feel of the beach seems the same! Not to mention that they’re both filled with surfers. I feel like I’ve got déjà-vu, but it’s quite nice feeling this way, recognising places that actually I’m remembering from Capetown because that’s where my family is right now! And even though we’re in completely different continents and I miss them so much, we’re both in the same kind of place and that’s such a good feeling.