Budget meals and Captain America!

Today after checking out of Base Hostel, we had to say a sad goodbye to our Canadian friends! We met the 4 of them in Koh Phangan, travelled with two of them to Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi and then have spent the last couple of days with the other two in Sydney! However today was the end of the Canadian/English(/Thai) friendship… For now!
Then Juliet and I got on the famous Manly ferry. This ferry ride is known for being utterly beautiful however the weather has been absolutely terrible today and so the sky was filled with grey clouds making the scenery look bleak. Nevertheless the ferry ride was still amazing, as it goes right around central quay, meaning that we drove practically next to Sydney opera house and then under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and got to witness stunning views.
On arriving in Manly we instantly got a feel of the chilled vibe present here. With people walking round bare foot and it only being a short walk from the pier to the beach, despite them being on opposite sides of the town, it’s a very relaxed atmosphere and our hostel is right in the center of it.
This afternoon Julie and I sat on the beach and caught up on writing our diaries and the postcards. Even though it was cloudy and windy and we had our hoodies wrapped around our thin shorts and vest tops, it was so lovely and peaceful sitting in the middle of the sand watching the persistent surfers swimming back out to the ocean, hoping to catch the next wave.


Unfortunately this peaceful moment was interrupted by a downpour of rain and so Julie and I did what any normal person on a gapyear would and headed to the… (No not the bar) the supermarket.
We have five (maybe 6) meals while we’re in Manly and while we’re staying a hostel with a kitchen and we’re a budget, ‘Coles’ is the place to be on a rainy day.
Our grand total came to $12 which we are very proud of as it means we are spending a dollar a meal.
The menu isn’t even horrible, pasta, tomato sauce and broccoli for dinner tonight with mini eggs for desert. Toast and Nutella for breakfast, the rest of the pasta and tomato sauce for lunch, sausages and mixed veg (and tomato ketchup!) for dinner and then tomorrow we decided on brunch and we’re having sausage sarnis! We’ve decided if all else fails after uni we can create a cheap meal cook book – produced by ‘The Worthy Parrott’.

We are utterly exhausted from the last few days and so after our pasta meal tonight we snuggled up in our dorm (that actually only houses us at the moment) and watched Captain America! I fell asleep when my family watched it before and so neither of us have seen it and we were both impressed. Although this is meant to be our weekend on the beach, if the weather tomorrow is horrible (like it’s forecasted to be), Captain America 2 is on at the IMAX in Sydney, and that particular IMAX is home to the biggest cinema screen in the world. So our day tomorrow will definitely not be ruined if it continues to rain…