From Coogie to Bondi and beyond

Today Juliet and I decided to attempt the three hour walk from our house in South Coogie, all the way to Bondi beach. It’s about a half an hour walk to Coogie beach from where we are and then after that there is a lovely coastal walk, all mapped out and marked by a decked walk way.

Despite the fact that the sky was full of clouds and the air was grey, it was actually very hot on the walk and soon we found ourselves in shorts and teeshirts, stopping for water! After passing Coogie beach and then another little beach, we came across some cliffs with the rockiest and roughest sea underneath, and there were surfers down there! Juliet and I soon decided they were crazy and couldn’t work out how they’d even got down there.


Next we came across a small, very cute little beach full of boats and sea weed, but no sign of Bondi Beach! We knew we still had a long way to go…

At all of the beaches they have these man made rock pools which are full of sea water, refreshed by the waves crashing over the sides of them. However they are such a great idea as people are able to swim their laps right next to the sea, where they can both hear and sea the waves and the ocean but also have a calm water area to swim in that is also natural! Every single one we saw was filled with people getting their morning exercise and at some beaches they even have smaller versions for children or more excluded, hidden pools that are only for women and kids!

20140408-230954.jpg The rock pool in the picture is also right next to an area of the sea that is almost sectioned off by concrete barriers making a nicer, less rough sea but still with currents and tides, for people to swim in.
FINALLY about two hours later, we spotted Bondi Beach!

20140408-231154.jpg (the furthest beach in the picture) and after passing a huge cemetery

20140408-231327.jpg , a smaller surfing beach…

20140408-231404.jpg and a higgledepiggledy pathway…

20140408-231500.jpg… WE FINALLY ARRIVED!!!

After our three hours of trekking through the beaches and cliffs, Juliet and I literally passed out on arriving at Bondi beach and both fell asleep on a big hill just above the beach for at least two hours! Then after a bit of shopping and a much quicker bus ride we were back in South Coogie.
This evening Juliet and I tried to make or backpacks look well travelled by sewing badges from each of the countries we’ve visited or will have visited onto them. After a lot of swearing, and not much sewing I have two of mine attached to my bag and Juliet has three, we each have 7 badges. How long my two and Juliet’s three will actually stay attached to our bags is another question.
Dinner this evening was another feast, this time for more people as we had visitors and after eating well into the evening, we have all gone to bed, once again, exhausted.