Street beach!

Today we went to Brisbane’s famous city beach, also known as the street beach and the lagoon! As it’s Good Friday today and it was a beautifully clear day, everyone seemed to have the same idea as us, taking the city hopper free ferry over to South Banks, to enjoy a day on the beach (well kindof). Thankfully Julie and I got up early this morning and so when we arrived at South Bank pier one, the beach was busy with kids running around and parents sunbathing but not as busy as it would be later, and so we bagged a great sunbathing spot.
The street beach is a man made beach, right by the river in Southbank. It is basically a mini beach as it has a small beach area, obviously with sand, and then a water area but the difference is, the water at the street beach is clear, without waves or tides and so is safe for little children to play to their hearts contents.
Even though it was heaving with people and the view across the river is sky scrapers, the lagoon looked so pretty in the sun! 20140418-195738.jpg
And I didn’t know it was possible for sky scrapers to look nice but they were glowing too!


City beach seems like the place to be on Easter weekend with families after families after families all with extended families arriving to enjoy the sun and the clear water! Soon it became so busy that kids were literally running over Julie and I, who we’re lying in the sand, in order to get to their parents or the water and every time we brushed all the sand off of us, we were covered again by a kid throwing sand or running right next to our heads. By the afternoon our relaxing day on the beach wasn’t so relaxing anymore, but we’d had enough sun anyways so we walked across the bridge and saw the view of Brisbane down the river, before heading back to the hostel.