This morning I sorted through my backpack to find clothes I haven’t worn yet and won’t wear, clothes I don’t need anymore and things I’ve bought that I need to send home and took them all to the post office, squeezed them into one box and sent them home via sea. Just a tip, sea mail is a WHOLE lot cheaper than air mail, and even though it takes 60 to 90 days, I’ve saved myself about $150.
This afternoons exploration took us to Kangaroo point, and after hopping on to the city hopper a free ferry that travels down Brisbane’s central river, we arrived there. Julie and I were a little but mislead as we thought that kangaroo point would be a point, maybe a park or a view point where we could sit and have a picnic, look over the city and enjoy the view. However kangaroo point is an area of Brisbane, including houses, shops, some river activities and a small patch of park land. Ofcourse Julie and I set down on the small square of grass and sunbathed for a few hours before finding a cute little coffee shop to play cards in.
This took almost all afternoon and meant that when we boarded the city hopper to get back to our section of town, we were able to watch the sunset from the back of the ferry.
After dinner we went on an exploration to find cheap ice cream and some how realised that the movie we both wanted to see was out, now! Googling the movie times showed us we had five minutes to get to the cinema before it started so we power walked there, but then I realised id already taken out my contact lenses and didn’t have my glasses, so we ran back to the hostel and back to the cinema, begging for a student ticket even though we didn’t have student cards and sat down just as the film was about to begin.
The film was ‘The Other Woman’ about a lady who finds out her boyfriend is married but then, very unintentionally, becomes best friends with the wife, and then they find out he’s cheating on both of them, so they recruit the new girlfriend to their girl gang and all plot to get back on the husband/boyfriend etc, it’s such a feel good, funny, girlie film!
Deciding to watch the film was a great decision as it was truly HILARIOUS and a perfect yet bizarre end to a very bizarre day.