Noosa, pink hostels, sunshine beach and a whole lot of stir fry

Why all of mine and Julie’s mornings start before 6am I do not know, we much be crazy as we actually chose these bus times, but this morning we were up at 5.45am ready to check out of our hostel and board the bus to Noosa. After about an hour we were driving parallel to the sea and white long beaches and we knew we were close.
Noosa is a beautiful town, quite busy but at the same time unbelievably chilled with a friendly atmosphere. We were met at the bus stop by a pink van with dolphins written along the side, ready to take us to our hostel: “the dolphin beach house”. We were extremely excited to be in Noosa, by the beach and even more excited when we arrived at our hostel to discover it is all pink!




20140419-213301.jpg Its such a lovely hostel and you can tell it’s family owned by the care that has gone into every aspect. With pink walls and bright turquoise doors with pink swirls, the whole hostel looks friendly and inviting. Then our rooms, obviously the beds are pink, but not only that, the dorms are immaculately clean and smell so nice! Every two rooms also has their own kitchen, living area, bathroom and outside terrace area. AND the hostel had free wifi which is such a bonus! We are a two minute walk from sunshine beach and a five minute drive from main beach which is home to the Noosa surfers. Even though we’ve only been here half a day, I already absolutely love it and it’s such a lovely place to spend Julie’s birthday on Tuesday! (We’ve already picked out and booked a restaurant hehe)
After a massive food shop, including buying each other surprise Easter eggs for Easter Sunday tomorrow, Julie and I made a massive and extremely delicious stir fry for dinner (we really are chefs in the making).


So far so good in Noosa! I’m already looking forward to tomorrow…

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