Relaxation and accusation

Today we woke up early and headed straight for main beach, as the name suggests, this is the main beach in Noosa. It was so lovely with calm waters, right next to a national park with expensive modern houses built up in the hills looking over the bay. Along the beach there is beach bars and restaurants heaving with people, and although this is probably because it Easter weekend, I can imagine them being busy a lot of the time.
Julie and I spent the whole day just chilling, relaxing and soaking up the sun. I read an entire book and we only left our spots on the beach to cool off in the sea or to fill up our water bottles. The sky was clear blue and right next to us a man built the most incredible sandcastle!

It was such a relaxing day.
After an exhausting day doing nothing and a lovely drink in one of the beach bars, we headed back to the hostel.

In our hostel we’re sharing a room with two German girls and their friend is staying next door. We haven’t really had a chance to speak to them much as they don’t speak good English and none of us spend much time in the room (we were in bed before they got in and we were at the beach before they woke up). However when we got back to the hostel today, the three of them came into the room saying they needed to talk. They said that they had left their car keys in the room and they were now gone. Julie and I immediately jumped up offering to help look for them and one of the girls said “we know all about thieves”. Realising we were being accused of taking the keys, Julie and I immediately told them we would never dream of stealing from them and said that they could search all of our stuff. We’re very conscious of our belongings, being in shared dorms,
so mine and Julie’s stuff is locked away in our bags at all times, however the stuff belonging to these girls is everywhere, no wonder she’s lost her keys. Anyways, we opened our bags for them and let them have a rummage before they realised ofcourse we haven’t stolen their keys. Julie and I then proceeded to move all of our stuff out of the room so they they could have a proper look under the beds etc.. The keys were no where to be seen and the girls (no with a complete change of heart towards us) thanked us for being so helpful and declared that the keys couldn’t be in the room… they were no where to be seen.
After turning down our offer to help them search the beach, where they’d been the night before, for the keys, the girls left the room and Julie and I were gob smacked. We’d be so stressed if we’d lost something a valuable as car keys but they didn’t even seem to care that much, just accused us and happily searched our belongings. Anyways the girls now smile at us and are much more friendly towards us, trying to speak more English and introducing us to their friends, so I guess some good came out of the car key interrogation!

Sucks for them though because Julie and I have a whole bundle of Easter eggs which we will eat while watching a film, instead of sharing them with our room mates. Hehe. (Although we wouldn’t have shared them anyways)


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