Not sure what makes blondes click with blondes (they definitely have more fun) but as soon as I saw the two other girls in the airport I knew we’d be friends – meet the Valhalla crew.
Valhalla is our housing section and it’s really quaint and well designed with a log fireplace in the centre of a big lounge foe everyone to chill. Our house has 6 people, 4 girls and 2 guys, the house next door is 7 guys and the house down the road is 4 girls.
There are also two other housing sections with Alltracks skiers and snowboarders so in total there’s about 70 people.
Yesterday we had an introductory talk outlining the rules and the different components of our training and basically how they’re going to rip our skiing apart and make it perfect!
Then we had a tour of the village to find out where to meet for training and dinner and then we had the afternoon to sort out all our equipment for skiing.
So after lunch with the two other blondes, they got their ski passes while I got my skis serviced.
In the evening we had welcome drinks round a fire at the fire rock bar. A lovely start to the course, meeting people and making some new friends and now I’m looking forward to my first day up the mountain with everyone!

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