First skiing day of my season

First day of skiing today as part of my ski season, full of snow and full of adventure.
After waking the whole house up, us girls ate our breakfasts while we waiting for the others to get ready for the day ahead. At first we went to blackcomb mountain and I picked up my skis after they’d been serviced over night and headed up the mountain as a house.
We skied the morning on good conditions, thick powder and and fun off piste runs however the visibility wasn’t great and half way down the mountain a big cloud had settled making it harder to see.
At lunch we met up with the house next door and skied the afternoon as a group of 11, crazy that we managed to stay together all afternoon – especially with a group filled with crazy Aussie skiers, Italian cliff jumpers, an army skier and Three blonde racers (us hehe).





After a group dinner and a chilled evening, we’re off to bed early now ready for our first day of our real, intense training tomorrow – excited or nervous I can’t decide…

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