Last day and First day

Final day in Vancouver.
Today after packing and checking out we planned on visiting the world famous Vancouver Museum of Anthropology, unfortunately (note to all those planning on visiting Vancouver) this museum is actually closed on Mondays during the winter.
Instead we once again hired bikes and cycled the long scenic route along the sea edge and over a huge steel bridge to a different museum – the space centre. In typical Vancouver style once we arrived in the neighbourhood where the space centre was, it was as if we were in a different city altogether. A whole different world to the scenic sea cycle path we had taken to get there.


On the way we stopped at Cardera’s – a gorgeous floating sea good restaurant situated in the harbour by Stanley Park.
The Space Centre itself was quite small and although we watched a film in the planetarium and explored the exhibition, we were done within the hour.
After travelling back across the same steel bridge and seaside cycle path we arrived back at the hotel, ready to depart for the airport.

Not sure what to think of Vancouver, everywhere we went by choice I loved – great food and great views of the mountains behind the harbour. However the bits in between, the random broken down streets and the empty blocks made the whole place seem eery and spooky. I think it would be a much nicer place to visit in Summer when the city is full of life – definitely a place I would want to experience in a different light as I haven’t made up my mind yet.

After an emotional goodbye in the airport I headed down to arrivals to meet Guy, an AllTracks team member by the two wooden totem poles. I had actually seen him from the balcony above and so had seen the other AllTracks skiers like me waiting to get on the bus. After meeting lots of new people, finding out who I’d be living with for the next 5 weeks and making friends we got on the bus ready to leave for Whistler.
Unfortunately the BA flight was delayed and so our 7.30 bus departure time ended up being 8.30 and now after a lot of chitchat the bus is silent, full of jetlagged, sleeping people and I am FINALLY heading back up to the mountains.

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