Picnic in the Park

The other perks about being in a house is variety of food, in a hostel you’ve bought the food already (for us it’s whatever’s cheapest), so for breakfast it’s normally Cole’s own brand cereal and so when you wake up, that’s what you get… Cole’s own brand cereal. Whereas living in Sylvie’s house means I could wake up and have fruit, toast, cereal, yoghurt… You name it! And yesterday Sylv and I made the best breakfast ever.


We then went to the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne to have a picnic! The weather was surprisingly nice for a winter Melbourne day with bright blue sky and it was maybe 23plus degrees. The botanical gardens are beautiful with big stretches of greenery and amazing trees and water fountains. We found the bit of grass we wanted to picnic on, lay out our mat, eat loaaaaads of picnic food then laid in the sun, talking and eating.


Our whole day seemed to be revolved around food and that evening we went to The Tea Room for a Chinese. We came home feeling so full that we found it difficult to walk and then ofcourse all piled on the bed again for another movie night.