Goodbye Melbourne!

After a lovely lunch and an emotional goodbye to Sylvie, we headed back to the house to shower and pack and are now waiting for the right time to get our massive backpacks on and get the train to the bus stop. Then we will get on a bus for twelve hours to Sydney domestic airport, and then a plane for four hours to Ayers Rock.

It has been so amazing staying in Melbourne in a beautiful house with a double bed, private bathroom, delicious meals and lovely people. It doesn’t even feel like we’re backpackers anymore but the minute we get on the greyhound bus I’m sure we’ll remember our backpacker status again!! Melbourne is a crazily arty town and we’ve been shown the locals backstreets full of buzzy coffee shops and tea houses and incredible graffiti (I never thought those two words would be in the same sentence). We heard before we came that Melbourne has delicious food and we’ve definitely tested that theory out, eating steak, chicken, casserole and huge big breakfasts at home, but also sushi, Chinese, pizza and burgers in cool local restaurants. We’ve also tested out two amazing frozen yoghurt shops and a Spanish churros cafe so I think we’re sorted when it comes to tasting the Melbourne variety! We’ve been to the beautiful Saint Kilda beach and also supported them in a Aussie rules football match, aaaand luckily for us, we’ve had the most amazing weather. It’s winter here and before we arrived, everyone warned of the cold Melbourne winds and rain. However ever day that we’ve been here has been sunny, we’ve even had a couple of blue skies and never needed more than two layers.

I’m so sad to leave Melbourne and my amazing friend Sylvie and her family, but Nicole, Juliet and I are so excited to explore Ayers Rock and the outback and to see some actual aboriginals and their culture!
Stay tuned…







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