Melbourne Markets and Movie Nights

There’s something about being in a very homely home, having double beds and not having roommates disturbing you, that is allowing us to sleep in until practically lunch time every day. After another amazing lie in, we headed into Melbourne to visit Victoria Market, a very famous market that they have on Victoria Street, and to explore.
We took the wrong train in by accident and so ended up quite far away from Victoria, and had to power walk all the way there in fear of arriving after the market had closed down for the day. When we arrived we were immediately struck by the strong fish and cheese smell coming from the fresh food stalls with men shouting about their amazing produce. We found the most incredible pasta stall with every different kind of pasta you can think of, made by every different kind of vegetable, in so many varieties of shapes, sizes and designs.

Our second favourite stall was the Macaroon Stall, where there were beautiful looking macaroons, all homemade and smelling amazing! The best looking was the bubblegum one, with a swirly multicoloured exterior.

Juliet and I then took Nicole to ‘Grilled’ a healthy burger restaurant which they only have in Australia but it’s so fab so we told her she had to go before we left! And ofcourse she loved it! Lunch was very late and we sat chatting in the restaurant for ages before catching the train back to the house and watching a film with Sylvie.
We had a delicious steak dinner (seriously, we are being spoilt here!) then the plan was that we would all go out to a club. However… We all got so comfy watching films that we decided we’d rather spend money on ice cream so we went to the shop, bought some Ben and Jerry’s then had a girlie movie night in bed and it was so cute!
This morning I set my alarm so that I could FaceTime the whole fam at home (hey fam), minus Henny, and as the sky is bright blue, I am so ready to see what today has to offer! Sitting in the lounge on a big comfy sofa, with the family dog running up and sitting on my lap, helping myself to fresh fruit and orange juice, sleeping in a big double bed…. I’m beginning to forget what being a backpacker is like!

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