Good old home cooked meal and a bit of laughter

Today was moving on day and ofcourse (typical) at 9.40am we realised we needed to be packed and checked out at 10. Luckily we’re used to how disorganised and forgetful we are and so we’ve all become pro packers and can get all our stuff together very quickly. After the public bus, ferry and then a four hour (due to traffic) greyhound bus, we arrived at Mission Beach and were so happy to see our hostel shuttle waiting for us (a nice change after a few days on the public bus). Our hostel is very cute, it’s called Scotty’s Beach House and it’s small, quaint with free wifi, clean rooms, a massive pool and a tv room. It even has it’s own little shop. After a massive decision on whether we should make the most of the ten dollar pizza deal in the restaurant down the road, we decided that we are being way too luxurious with our meals, so decided on a home cooked one.
We went down to the beach first, to explore, and ended up in a children’s playground, climbing up the jungle gym and watching the sun set.


We then popped into the local shop to buy our ingredients for $12 (three dollars each, a lot better than the pizza deal) and headed back to the hostel to whip up a delicious meal of pasta with ham and tomato sauce, and cheesy toast on the side! We even went all out and set the table nicely so that the meal was that much better.

The day then got made better when we discovered that Friends with Benefits would be playing in the tv room at 7.30 and so we had a movie marathon evening of that and Brigit Jones.
This evenings bed time was utterly hilarious as we haven’t met our two other room mates but when we came to bed (at 10.30pm… Not late) they were asleep with the lights off. Like the friendly roommates we are, we didn’t turn on the lights but set about creeping round the room in the dark, whispering and occasionally shining a torch so we could actually see what we were doing (we have to make our beds after all). Soon the French guy on the bottom bunk started rolling around and groaning and moaning so loudly before thrashing his hands around and putting the sheet over his head. Obviously we all cracked up and couldn’t hold in the laughter, it was so funny! We were all trying to snigger and laugh silently and it ends up sounding like a hiss. I can still picture the moment now, absolutely hilarious! Whether the noises were sleep noises or an effort to try and make us be quieter we can’t quite decide, but perhaps we’ll find out in the morning…

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