Monday chill day

After the most amazing lie in this morning (for most people… Obviously as usual I woke up at 7am) we enjoyed a late breakfast and headed down to the beach, after all we’re at mission beach so we needed to see the beach! It was (as usual) beautiful, with a long stretch of empty sand and blue sea.

After a long morning of lazing in the sun, listening to the sound of the waves combined with our music and being the only sunbathers on the beach, we came back to the hostel for lunch. We decided we were so exhausted by the mornings activities (or not activities) that we spent the afternoon watching a film and planning our awesome dinner. At 6pm we headed to the supermarket to shop and then came back and made the most delicious meal. Barbecued sausages with creamy, cheesy mash potato, onion gravy, peas and a glass of wine! (What classy travellers we are) All for the budget price of 6dollars each!

20140505-235650.jpg We then decided it would be a good idea to get into the pool – we all practically sunk as we had eaten basically a small child for dinner – clutching our newly massive bellies and forcing ourselves to get up out of our seats, we finally all jumped in! The pool was freezing but we quickly warmed up by playing some volley ball before having hot showers and spending the rest of the evening playing cards.