Adventure day at Horseshoe bay

Today I bizarrely woke up at 6am and went outside the room and happened to whiteness the most AMAZING sun rise ever. It was so beautiful with the different colours spreading and filtering accross the sky!

After going back to sleep for a couple more hours, or even more than that, it was 10 when we all woke up, we got the second public bus (as we missed the first) and headed into town.
On arriving at Horseshoe Bay we went into the general store to try and buy some food in order to make us a light, cheap lunch, however it was all SO expensive. It was actually cheaper for us to get the beach pack fish and chips… So that’s what we did – so yummy!
After a couple of hours sunbathing and swimming in the sea pool, we decided to be adventurous and went tubing! This is where you sit in rubber rings attached to a speed boat by a rope and then it pulls you along out at sea.

Juliet didn’t want to do it, but this meant that we had our own private photographer! Tubing was so much fun, the boat went so fast and as we were in separate tubes we all bumped into each other as we whizzed along the waves, our tubes jumping over them. At one point, Katie and I were both miles out to sea on either side with Emily in the middle and as the boat turned, we both whizzed into the middle, hitting Emily and forcing her tube to slide upwards and she fell off!!!

She was such a great sport and we could see her laughing hysterically while bobbing around in the water! (I would have not been as calm about flipping off as her!) Once she was back on the tube, we carried on our adventure through the waves, laughing the whole way!
After our tubing fun, Juliet and Emily then went Jetskiing around the harbour. It was hilarious as the man must have given them a safety talk for about two hours! But finally they were whizzing away from the bay, taking selfies as they went!
With a quick stop at the super market on the way home, we bought our ingredients and then Juliet and Emily made us delicious spaghetti bolognaise for dinner! Also a weird Australian looking ferret joined us, I know it’s a possum and I think these are Australia’s versions of squirrels… So basically they’re everywhere.

Emily also bought a cheesecake and when we went back to get it, the kitchen was locked! We basically all cried however reception was kind and saw our dismay over lost cheesecake and opened up the doors for us! (Unfortunately the cheesecake was very disgusting… But it was hilarious nevertheless) After a calm evening in the hostel bar listening to old school music and then star gazing on the beach, we finally called it a night and passed out in bed from the exhaustion of today!