High Hopes

Today we boarded the Greyhound bus after a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and travelled for five hours to Townsville.
On arrival we all took our time going to the bathroom and buying food, so much so that we actually missed the ferry and so had a 2 hour wait for the next one. Great start.
Finally once we arrived at Magnetic Island we were so happy, we’d flicked through the Maggie travel guide and discovered that tonight there was a famous market in town and tomorrow there is lots all around the market for us to explore! We felt like we were on a mini holiday break!
Once we’d finally arrived off the public bus at our hostel (with a very rude bus driver, who we actually ended up apologising to about having to put our bags in the boot) checking in, and doing a load of washing, we boarded the public bus again and off we went to the market.
Before I explain about the market I just need to comment on how fab our hostel is! It’s huge and clean, right on the beach with a massive pool and we’re just over the river staying in little huts! So cool.


When we arrived at the market (after a very long bus journey with another grumpy bus driver) we actually burst out laughing at the sight. Unfortunately, apparently Easter weekend took a lot out of the market sellers so only three were actually there today. The worlds worst / smallest market!

20140502-214447.jpg Let’s just say it didn’t take us long to get round the market and even though the jewellery on sale was beautiful, obviously there wasn’t much of it! So our high hopes we’re swiftly ruined. We then had dinner and when we arrived back at our beautifully clean hostel, there were possums in the kitchen area eating rubbish and our room is filled with ants.

20140502-214918.jpg After a lot of jumping and screaming I think we’ve managed to kill them all (thank god)!

However we have just realised that the whole room shakes whenever someone walks past on the boardwalk. We’re unbelievably tired and are ready for an early night, how much sleep we’ll get after all this is another question!!

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