A football day

This morning when I woke up (actually ridiculously early) the hostel was empty, no music from the bar, no one in the pool and no one on the sunbeds and it was absolutely beautiful and so peaceful… I’m really going to miss this place when we leave tomorrow.


At 2pm, after a morning on sunbathing, it was time for the England v Uruguay game. With our hostel being mostly English staff and mostly English guests, the atmosphere was always going to be great.


20140619-201413-72853261.jpg That with the fact that our hostel has the biggest screen in the town so people from all over come to watch the game, and the big screen is right above a huge open plan bar with loads of seats… AND happy hour happened to be right while the game was on. Safe to say there were a lot of drunk English men ready to see England win.
The funny thing about South Americans is that even though there are feuds and have been rivalries between countries, the support each other massively. This means that the handful of Uruguay supporters watching the match earlier, screaming and shouting, head to toe in paint and Uruguay outfits, might not have actually been from Uruguay. They could have been from any other South American country but the fact is that they’re South American, and they want South America to win. So when Suarez scored his first goal, they went crazy, banging their fists on the tables, screaming, running around and shouting in whatever language they could at the screen. (Which to our delight, had English commentary today so we actually knew what was going on).
When Rooney then scored making it one all, I literally thought the bar was going to explode, obviously our English celebration had to be bigger than the Uruguayan but it was ridiculous! The English avid football fans were ridiculously drunk by this point and had spent the most part of the game swearing and shouting curses at the screen but now they were ecstatic. One of them (the most drunk by far) even jumped up onto the table, started pouring all of his three massive beer bottles of beer all over everyone and himself, screaming and chanting, until he slipped (idiot) and fell onto the floor, smash onto the concrete on top of his three beer bottles which subsequently smashed everywhere too (it’s surprisingly that he wasn’t actually injured after it… Bloody English).


Just before the game finished (a quick reminder for those who didn’t see the game) Suarez scored again and I don’t know who I was more scared of, the Uruguayan fans who now went crazy slamming their fists and bodies and heads on the tables (honestly I thought the table was going to break), OR the English fans who we’re fuming, swearing about the ref, the other team, the fact that someone somewhere was off side, kicking things. Anyways Juliet and I found if absolutely hilarious, and scuttered away back to our sunbeds before anyone noticed we were actually laughing hysterically about how terrible England were and how much everyone seemed to be over reacting. All I can say is GO CHILE (incase anyone doesn’t know I’m a newly converted Chilean fan and I’m backing them to win the World Cup).

This evening Juliet and I went out for pizza before enjoying our last night in Loki hostel, and in Mancora for that matter. The next two nights are going to be spent on busses and so tonight (as usual) we’re having an early night and making the most of a nice place to sleep!