Bye bye Mancora

After a wonderfully early night, half a day of sunbathing, packing and then a huuuuuge platter of sushi (a huge delicious platter), it is now time to say good bye to the beautiful Mancora and the amazing Loki hostel. I really needed these few days in the sunshine (I was beginning to feel anaemic) to top up our tans but also to relax and do absolutely nothing after three months of doing absolutely everything! It’s now go time again and after our two over night, 18+ hour busses (kill me now) we have a lot of exciting adventures planned. Hiking in the Colca canyon, lake Titicaca, the inca trail and volunteer work – it’s time to be busy again and we’re definitely ready after our early nights and lazy days.
We just need to survive these two unbelievably long busses first… Wish us luck!