Choco Maki?

When we do absolutely nothing all day (except relaxing) the vast majority of my blogs end up being about food… Well that and the fact that Juliet and I were doing our 7 minute indoor workouts (trying to slightly prepare for the inca trail) when our new roommate walked in and actually laughed at us… (Obviously in envy at how impressive and athletic we looked doing press ups in our pajamas.)
Today I spent most of the day on FaceTime, catching up with friends and family from home, which actually gave my sunburn a chance to relax and I’m now ready for a full day of hard core tanning tomorrow.
Now for the food blog…
This evening Juliet and I decided to try our luck at the local sushi restaurant. It was delicious and we were so happy with our choice, I had California rolls with tempura shrimp instead of normal shrimp, and then tuna maki with cream cheese, avocado and Japanese spicy mayonnaise… So good!


Being our usual selves when we saw a sushi desert on the menu, we just had to have it and this time it was Choco Maki.

The chocolate fudge sauce with pecans and prunes would be enough but it was combined with sushi rice and seaweed to make a proper sushi roll and it was… Dreadful. Absolutely disgusting. We actually had trouble keeping it down but forced ourselves to eat it so as not to offend the sushi chef.


The pictures actually do it a lot more justice than it deserves but oh well… It was hilariously undelicious, a weirdly interesting end to the night and who else can say they’ve tried chocolate sushi ay?!

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