A bit more burnt than bronzed in Mancora

Today Julie and I were first out on the sunbeds, they were all lined up ready to be used but no one was on them so we decided someone had to be first, and today it would be us. We picked the only two in the sunshine but within an hour they had all filled up and we were so happy we’d made claims to ours early on. Being first in the sun also meant that we were in the sun for a very long time today, it was an absolutely beautiful day, about thirty degrees, not a cloud in the sky and of course I got burnt. If I was any one else in my family (especially my sister) I would be an amazing bronzed golden colour right now, but instead I am lobster red… It’s quite a good look, especially when a random American man comes up to you in the street shouting OH MY GAAAAD, you are SO red, yes thank you I already knew that.
Apart from the slight suncream mishap (it’s also just my chest and tummy that are burnt so with a high neck top it’s really not so bad) it’s been a lovely, relaxing day by the pool, enjoying the beautiful Peruvian sunshine.

This evening we decided to try our luck in a vegetarian restaurant, it was the only one on the street with actual customers and the menu did look quite appetising. The food, just as the menu suggested, was actually really yummy, especially considering I was eating food mostly consisting of lentils, however everything else was vegetables which, ofcourse, I was extremely happy about and Juliet and I have both decided we will be going back there. (Plus it was super cheap and healthy which is always a bonus for backpackers).


It’s 8.20pm and once again, at this amazingly early hour, Julie and I are ready for bed. Lying in the sun all day really is exhausting and after being on the go, none stop for three months already, and having the next month filled with exploring, hiking and volunteer working, we really do need these five days to just chill and do nothing… And that’s exactly what we’re going to do!