Coldest day yet!


Today after getting up and checking the temperature on the whistlerblackcomb website we realised that the cold weather had reached a peak at minus twenty five!!
After putting on three pairs of thermal leggings, four thermal tops, a thin down coat, my ski jacket, ski pants, two pairs of gloves, hand warmers, a neck scarf, socks, ski boots, a helmet and zipping it all up right to the top (boiling right now inside the house) I was ready to face to cold outside.
After meeting my exam group at the top of Whistler, we head off to start day 2 of the casi level one.
After a couple of runs practising our pivoting skill, nearly all of us couldn’t feel our noses (or toeses) and so we headed inside for five minutes to warm up. After a few more skill runs and technical drills and then a long lunch consisting of taking our ski boots off to feel our toes again and eating hot chile, we spent the afternoon practising teaching each other. It’s strange teaching people who you know can ski to a high ability but pretending that they are nine year old beginners, however everyone got involved and made the most of it.
Tomorrow is our last day, a half day and then we’ll find out the results of our exam! Im so nervous, so wish me luck and fingers crossed…


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