More snow plough?!

day 1 level 1 casi ski instructor exam:
Minus 20, not a great day for level 1 exam consisting of standing around learning how to wear a ski boot and ski and then spending the rest of the day perfecting snow plough. Safe to say my toes basically fell off in the cold and I nearly got frost bite on my nose! However a quick hand warmer pressed to the nose quickly sorted that out.
The perfect snow plough is actually harder than it seems as automatically your body leans back when in a pizza position and so you have to make a conscious effort to make sure your base of support is centred. Next there’s pivoting (turning the leg within the hip socket without moving the hip), this causes separation. It comes quite naturally for advanced skiiers skiing parallel however is much harder in pizza!
Thanks to alltracks we’ve had a lot of practise on all the skills within our lessons and so we knew what to do and what the examiner was inspecting. Unlucky for those who haven’t been on alltracks. Moreover the examiner seemed to be happy with my pizza and chips (snow plough and parallel) and so I’m happy with day 1.
The ice that were my feet was melted when we had a whizz down to the bottom from blackcomb peak in order to get to the class room session on time.
The day couldn’t have been made any better by the fact that right now I am in my pajamas watching my favourite program in the world.. Super super shocked that canada airs it but YAY FOR FRIENDS!

Day 2 tomorrow and we’re working on our intermediate parallel and teaching skills, happy days!