Yesterday was a tense, tense day. We started the morning nervous as it was the last day of our three day exam!
We began by practising our intermediate parallel turns and then took it in turns teaching lessons on different skills. Once again we were facing -20 degree temperatures and lower, so every hour we went inside to warm our toes and fingers. Panicking and making sure I could do the best I could the whole way through the exam, I wasn’t concentrating on keeping warm and I’m pretty sure I lost circulation in my toes for a good hour!

The day finished at around 1pm and so we had a few hours to sit, wait and ponder whether we’ve passed or not. At 4 we met up with our groups (very nervously) to find out the results and thankfully… I PASSED!



After an evening of celebrations that we’re now qualified CASI ski instructors, we’re ready for bed preparing to wake up in 5 hours for fresh tracks!!!!

It’s going to be a good few last days (I think).