blacktie on the beach

On Friday lunchtime I got a phone call from Charlie saying that she was lost… she was at the beach and needed directions to town. In Salcombe there are so many different beaches it was absolutely impossible to know where she was, but sooner or later thanks to the trusty Devon road signs (there’s no signal for satnavs down here) Charlie’s mini pulled into Whitestrand car park… she had arrived! Continue reading

A visit from a friend

A visit from Amy 
After Caitlin left the house felt quite bizarre. Ewan and I got so used to having another girl in the house, she has become the third Salcombe Seasonnaire and so her departure was really unwanted. However, luckily just as we were saying goodbye I got a message from a friend saying was it still okay for her to come and visit! I’d completely forgotten and it was such a nice surprise, so that evening, Amy came to stay. It was so lovely to see a friendly face and definitely took away from the emptiness of Caitlin leaving, immediately (after a good half an hour of me directing her the wrong way) Amy and I ran down to the island street bar and grill just in time for last orders and had ourselves a yummy meal and a large bottle of wine.  Continue reading

Ocean Valour

On Saturday the plan was to spend the day basking in the beautiful sunshine at the beach however unfortunately the sun never managed to make it out and so we spent the day snuggled up at the Harbour Hotel wrapped  up in blankets, drinking hot chocolate, watching the boats go by. Then it was time to go back to the house, get ready for drinks and head out for the evening.

When Sunday arose we were all in need of a lie in which is exactly what we had before heading out in Salcombe for the first day of regatta week. We first went to Island Street to explore the fabulously British street party, Continue reading

Somersault Festival

On Friday morning, exactly a week after we arrived in Salcombe, it was time to pack a small bag and make our way to the complete opposite side of Devon to meet the other seasonnaires for Somersault Festival! The drive was a long two hours since the rain was absolutely miserable and pouring it down, making it very hard to see, especially in such an old and wobbly landrover. Continue reading

Arriving in Salcombe!

All in one morning I landed back to England after an 8 hour flight from Miami, I changed and got the train to the Jack Wills head office in London, we packed up the landrover (much harder than it sounds when you have to fit a bike, a huge fatboy beanbag, two parasols, 8 boxes of stash, 2 suitcases, Jack Wills cups, bunting and banners and our own bags into one boot), had a quick meeting with the marketing team and then I drove the 5 hour drive all the way to Salcombe and… finally we were in our location! Continue reading

The best Student Summer Job…

While on holiday at Easter time, I received an email from Jack Wills about their winter sale before the new summer stock arrives, I clicked the link to have a browse but my attention was caught not by the gorgeous woolen toggle coats now reduced by 25%, but by a message at the top of the screen saying “We Want You”. Intrigued, I clicked on the link taking me to a full page of information on the best possible summer job… well, that’s what it said… so I explored further. Continue reading