A visit from a friend

A visit from Amy 
After Caitlin left the house felt quite bizarre. Ewan and I got so used to having another girl in the house, she has become the third Salcombe Seasonnaire and so her departure was really unwanted. However, luckily just as we were saying goodbye I got a message from a friend saying was it still okay for her to come and visit! I’d completely forgotten and it was such a nice surprise, so that evening, Amy came to stay. It was so lovely to see a friendly face and definitely took away from the emptiness of Caitlin leaving, immediately (after a good half an hour of me directing her the wrong way) Amy and I ran down to the island street bar and grill just in time for last orders and had ourselves a yummy meal and a large bottle of wine. 

The next day it was absolutely beautiful sunshine, just in time for Amy’s first trip to the beach. We spent the whole day relaxing in the Salcombe Sunshine on Sunny Cove with the girls but obviously not before a crazy adventure. We decided it would be a good idea to take the boat to sunny cove, despite the fact that the sea was so rough, choppy and it was very high tide. The waves were lapping up over the sides of the boat and we were all absolutely soaked, it was hilarious and because of the rough water and high tide we couldn’t even get to the beach, so we had to go back to shore, our clothes dripping wet, before heading back to the beach by water ferry. Then once we got to the beach, to get to the beach we wanted to go to we had to then wade through the high tide and climb across the slippery rocks win our beach bags until FINALLY, we were at the beach and ready to relax.

When Friday arrived it was our water sport day and so after a yummy brunch, some of the girls, Amy and I headed down to south sands to go kayaking! We rented our kayaks and set off exploring the beachside sea, there was even castle ruins that we could kayak around.

We were freezing cold when we got back to the beach and actually pretty wet, despite the fact that we were meant to be dry kayaking, so we quickly changed and headed off for a nice hot chocolate.

Saturday arrived along with absolutely beautiful sunshine once again, so we got a lift on one if the power phantom boats back to sunny cove and relaxed again in the English heat. We must have fallen asleep or something as soon it was nearly 6o’clock and time to go to my friend Jess’ farmhouse overlooking the sea for a sunset BBQ and hot tub session. It was the end to such a perfect few days with Amy and I was so sad to see her leave.

Bring on Charlie coming!