Somersault top 5

Looking back at my weekend at the festival it was hard to pick only five things to write about as my top five, but I’ve finally managed to narrow it down so here they are! 

1) Interviewing Charlie Straw – it was such a great experience! We managed to find a little hut made out of branches in the wellbeing area, and it had such a chilled vibe, absolutely perfect for the occasion. He was so lovely and very down to earth and I asked him everything I could think of, all about his music and then even what he would put on his Jack Wills Summer Bucket List! He also played us our own private acoustic session which was amazing.

2) Bombay Bicycle Cub – This was by far one of the best moment of the festival, we managed to get to the main stage at such a good time and so were so close to the front without even realising. By the time that they arrived on stage, I looked behind us and their were thousands of people all crowded into the main stage area. Their music was so perfect for the type of festival it was and everyone in the crowd was singing along, then we all went crazy when during the last song as streamers and confetti dropped from what seemed like the sky and covered everyone!

3) Seeing all the other Seasonnaires again! – It’s absolutely crazy how close we all are after spending such a short amount of time together but everyone was so excited and so happy to see each other again! We caught up for hours, finding out all about each others locations and what everyone has been up to and begging each other to come and visit after the festival, I miss them all already! The festival was such a good place for us all to be together again.

4) The mud – This sounds strange and at the beginning trust me I was not a fan at all! But eventually the sheer amount of mud just became absolutely hilarious, especially since Ewan and I forgot our wellies! My white converse are now dark brown and Ewan said his feet have never felt so soft after walking around barefoot all day! It was a hilarious experience, slipping and squelching all around the festival and safe to say we were so pleased when Joe brought us back Wellies from Tescos the next day!

5) VSushi – This stand literally made my festival food experience, despite beign very disappointed when I realised after queuing for a good half an hour that it was vegetarian sushi and there was going to be no salmon sashimi for me, I tried it anyways and it was absolutely delicious! They make you a huge roll with avocado, peppers, cucumber and then either sweet potato, vegetarian duck or vegetarian chicken and then wrap it all up with seaweed, dipped in sweet soya sauce, honestly I think I had about three a day, so yummy!