Can you keep up?

Today, after remembering that our heads need to be above shoulders, shoulders above knees, knees above toes, I learnt that I need to bend my ankles more in order to create the angles and dimensions needed for a perfect ski position.
Once we’d practised our technique, our instructor decided to play a game of ‘can you keep up’ where he’d ski off as fast as possible between trees, through trails and off jumps and we’d see if we could keep up or even just stay in the same trail as him.
For lunch we went to ‘Dusty’s’, a local restaurant in creekside. Here we invented, explained and tasted a chocolate shot! We asked the waitress for shots of peppermint schnapps but then also had a shot of chocolate and so drinking them together tasted like an after eight drink – so yummy!
In the afternoon we were all very tired from our big (crazy) lunch and so, did some more can you keep up and some more technical exercises before heading back down the mountain for an evening of shopping!




The end of our shopping trip took us to Moos where we had to make the hardest decision so far in Whistler.. What Ice cream to have.
In the end I opted for: Moo York Cheesecake (a cheesecake flavoured ice cream with Oreo pieces and caramel) and then also a Wowie Cowie (vanilla ice cream with chocolate crunch and Carmel swirl)
The third flavour that didn’t quite make it to the cone but that I tried was the Nuffle (chocolate ice cream with marshmallow and peanut butter cups). Can you keep up?

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