Flurries Forecasted!

After meeting our new instructor for this week, Mark, we set off to start our last weeks training before our exam. Since we only have 4 days to perfect our technique before our level 1, we don’t have much time to free ski so spent the day soon technique based exercises. Although it’s Marks first day with us, he quickly picked up on our strengths and flaws and set to work at setting the straight.
We had a ‘lunch vacation’ today and headed down the mountain to Portabello’s (the best sandwich bar in the world!) for lunch. OBVIOUSLY I had my regular, ham cucumber and tomato… Yumyumyum.
This evening we were all exhausted as we’ve had NO break these past couple of weeks due to the avalanche course. However we did have enough energy to dipdye my roommates hair purple which worked out surprisingly well!


VERY VERY VERY excited by the prospect of snow this week, even if it is just flurries. WE NEED POWDER WE NEED POWDER.

I will definitely be checking the weather forecast regularly for the next few days!!