Shark Attack!

After a day of not much technical skiing but lots of free/fun skiing, today we stepped up and got down to the business of passing our exam next week.
We started with video analysis, filming our best intermediate parallel and then looking at our flaws and working out how to improve them.
Next we learnt about the fast track to parallel – how instructors take their beginner pupils and teach them how to ski parallel in basic steps. There’s 5 basic steps which should be worked through: 1. Mobility 2. Sliding 3. Stopping 4. Turning 5. Linking
And once these steps have been completed, the beginner can now ski a parallel turn. We started by pretending to be complete beginners and then slowly taught and helped each other in a lesson situation.

After our fast track to parallel we worked on completing the perfect snow plough turn while demonstrating separation. We skiied in a snake trail down the mountain one by one behind each other until our instructor relived a childhood game of shark attack! (Where you ski in a line and when the instructor shouts shark attack the person at the back skis to the front!)
After an evening at buffalo bills, we headed home ready for an early night and a bigger day today!!!