Airport Antics!


After waking up at 4.30am in order to leave for the airport at 5am and be on a 7am flight to Megeve, France, we were told, while checking in, that our flight was delayed by three hours. Great. We might as well go home and come back, but as our luggage had gone and we were checked in, we found a spot for breakfast and waited it out.
10am, our new flight time had arrived and so we check the board to find out the gate… and it now reads estimated flight time: 10.30am. Great (again) so we sat back down at our coffee table and waited another half hour, then another, then another…
Now 12 o’clock and on our way to gate 3, pretty annoyed as 4 flights to the same destination as us had already left… why were we not on those?
On arriving at the gate, meeting a bundle of angry tired delayed others, we were told that actually they were giving our flight to the people going to Pathos and we were going to have to wait till 1 for another plane to fly in from Stansted. (A plane that currently has no crew)
All hell broke lose, people refused to move, blocking the doorway until someone explained
“why we were being lied to” and “where our flight was” they also demanded that someone from easyjet come down to the gate and explained the situation themselves. After long attempts of barricading the door and refusing to move, people gradually began to get hungry (we had been waiting 6 hours after all) and so slowly drifted off for lunch. (there were also threats of police arriving…)

2.45pm and we were finally boarding the flight, nearly 8 hours late! Apparently the pilot had had trouble landing the plane when flying in from Stansted due to weather conditions, which led us all to feel very nervous and begin doubting our pilot!

Having missed our lunch reservations in Geneva at 6pm French time, we rented a car and drove the 2 hours up the mountain, stopping on the way for a very needed and very big dinner.
11.30pm and we’re finally tucked up in our Megeve chalet… What a hectic start to our skiing minibreak! Fingers crossed we’ve used up all our bad luck for the week and these next few days go swimmingly… after all, there’s lots of fresh powder to sink our skis into tomorrow!!!