Megeve Mayhem!

Day one in Megeve and our luck didn’t really get any better.
We aimed to get up early however our alarms didn’t go off and it ended up being 9am before we actually got out of bed.
Then on our drive down to the village to quickly rent some skis for those without them, we passed a car stuck in the snow. Like the good Samaritans we are, we got out and helped push the car up the slippery snowy road. Our quick trip turned into a long one.
THEN, on the way home from the ski store, we’re driving slowly up the windy mountain when out of no where a skiier flies into our car! Basically he lost control and flew down a don’t ski here slope and lucky for him we were driving extraordinarily slowly! However we did knock him over and all we could see from the back of the car was two skis in the air! The man was absolutely fine, got up and walked back up to the ski slope… But what a ridiculous add-on to our stint of bad luck!

We had a great day powder skiing, even though it was very hard to see anything in fog and thick snow but the powder cushioned any falls we may have had and the snow was great!

Later that day when trying to find the right ski entrance to our chalet the bad luck came back as on our first try we were too low and would have had to have hiked a long way back to the chalet! On second attempt we were fine and glided through the powder up to the door of our home.