so much to do, so little time

With less than three weeks to go before my 5 months of travels begin, and a 4 day skiing holiday in the middle of that, I am slowly running out of time to prepare and get organised for the rest of my Gap Year.


Time is literally flying away and so I need to get organised with a to do list: Things to do before jetting off.

(some of the list I’ve been super organised with already, but you’ll soon see that there’s a lot more to do, than already done)

  1. Plan destination 1: Thailand
  2. Plan destination 2: Australia
  3. Plan destination 3: South America (including booking a guided tour through Bolivia)
  4. Get a Backpack  (mine is awesome, ill give you more info on that later)
  5. Get any jabs, vaccines and injections necessary (should probably sort this one out sooner rather than later)
  6. Stock up on contact lenses (I would actually like to see these countries that I’m visiting)
  7. Print all necessary flight and bus tickets that have been emailed to me
  8. Buy some nice new trainers to trek around the world in (maybe some new clothes too)
  9. Get a world travel bank card (for best exchange rates)
  10. Pack five months worth of stuff into one 60L backpack, then repack, then repack again…

untitledSO EXCITED!