Wipeout / Knockout!

After a chilled morning by the pool, 7 of us headed to the Total Wipeout zone of Thialand! For anyone who hasn’t seen the tv program Total
Wipeout, first of all you need to watch it, you’re seriously missing out! But it’s basically a big assault course in the water with obstacles, things you have to climb and different sections you have to conquer.
Ours wasn’t quite as hard or technical as the one from the tv program but it had the key sections and it was a lot of fun!


You start off by swinging into the water off the top section of the building on a rope swing! Then you swim to the first obstacle which is the doughnuts, round blow up balls which you have to run across! Next is the monkey bars (very slippery) and then the giant rolling a pins which you have to run across but if you don’t stand exactly in the middle they spin! Next is the giant ice burg which you have to climb up and slide down and then finally it’s the… BIG RED BALLS! Three giant balls which you have to bounce across and only 40 people ever have actually made it to the other side.
After you’ve completely the course there’s also a ‘blob’ to go on. This is a giant inflatable blob and while someone lies on one end, people jump of a ledge onto the other end which launches the person 6 or 7 metres into the air, landing (normally a belly flop) into the water.
It was a fun but exhausting afternoon!


We arrived home to a beautiful sunset and then after dinner we headed into town to buy our Full Moon Party outfits!
Later we all went to a Muay Thai Boxing match! It was quite intense with a lot of shouting from the audience, even the first match of little kids was tense!
The start of the matches were my favourite as the competitors complete a sort of ritual to the ring out of respect. They go round a pray in each corner and then perform the prayer dance of agility to the gods… And then the match begins. It’s quite a brutal sport, with the aim of the game being to knock your opponent out so badly that they can’t get up! You also score points for punching or kicking different parts of the body.. Safe to say it was scary to watch but a good experience.
We’re going to see a ladies competition in Koh Tao so hopefully we’ll be Muay Thai experts by then!