Build up to full moon

There’s a bizarre atmosphere around Coral Bungalows, as no one quite knows what to do before the big Full Moon Party tonight!
One things for sure, everyone here right now can be split into two obvious sections: 1) those who went out last night and 2) those who didn’t.

1) those who didn’t were either like us, and had a quiet and earlyish night in order to be able enjoy tonight to the maximum. These people are spending today, after having had a nice long sleep, sunbathing as much as possible in order to have the best tan underneath the full moon neon clothing. There’s also the other people in this category who fall under the status ‘paranoid’, (I was close to ending up like this and got a swift talking to from Juliet). They can be found in the shade, not eating and not drinking anything, just incase they happen to get ill or even (this is 100% true) incase the sun makes them sleepy and it ruins their party tonight.

Then group 2) The people who did go out. On the most part they’re by the pool eating a full English breakfast and trying to nurse their hang over as quickly as possible for tonight. Or they’re still drinking, why stop right? Or I guess there might be some still in bed, who knows, I can’t see them.

Whether you’re group 1 or group 2, every single person here is in Koh Phangan for exactly the same reason: The Full Moon Party. And every single person here is counting the minutes until it is time to cover our bodies in neon paint, get a bucket and head to the party beach!20140315-173705.jpg