The perks of being a backpacker

With lots of time to kill while travelling, for example like me now, with a day to kill between two over night sleeper trains, there’s actually lots of things for a backpacker to do.

Before I came travelling I downloaded loads of movies and they are a great way to kill time, also reading books, playing cards, writing postcards and for me it’s a perfect time to blog.
Many travellers also like to keep journals of what they’ve been up to while travelling, so that they don’t forget anything. When you’re busy, you’re really busy so the hours of waiting for flights, busses and trains is a perfect time to catch up with your journal and write about past events.

For Juliet and I, we obviously kill time in style and found a little Thai salon in order to treat ourselves to a manicure and pedicure (for 350baht, about £5). After having a very intense Thai spa treatment, with dead skin literally scraped off the soles of our feet and our fingers and toes scrubbed clean (quite brutally), we now have perfectly painted nails. While having our pedicure both of our salonists commented on our unwaxed legs (something with haven’t got round to doing, especially with our hostel showers) and so soon we found ourselves lying on beds having hot wax poured on our legs! As expected, the Thais wax differently and instead of using paper to rip the wax off they literally just pull it off with their hands!
(There were a lot of screams coming from Juliet’s bed!)
Anyway, an hour later we left the salon a lot more groomed and clean than when we had entered. We have now found ourselves a small restaurant with wifi and can happily spend the rest of the afternoon eating lunch and catching up with friends and family.

^^^ our set up for the afternoon.

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