Last day in Chiangmai!

Yesterday, we carried our chilled day on into the evening. We went over to see some of our friends, from the jungle, at their hostel (the Chang Gang reunited) and after a chilled couple of hours chatting, four of us headed off to the night market. This is a huge evening market stretching across atleast 5 different streets, on both sides of the road. Here Juliet and I put our bartering skills to good use, managing to haggle prices down by over half! The problem is we got so carried away, we’d barter on things we didn’t even want that much, and then would have to purchase them… But all in all it was a productive market shop and a cool experience wandering between stalls lit up by lanterns, at night.

After the market, we met up with the rest of the Chang Gang in the famous Chiangmai THC rooftop bar. On entering you’re surrounded by UV graffiti and rickety staircases, leaded their way up to the rooftop. Here before the last wooden ladder is a place to leave your shoes, as shoes aren’t allowed in the chilled bar filled with mats and pillows where people sit on the floor. The music was pumping and the bar was full and even though it closed at 2, we’d had a good relaxed night of talking and dancing.




Today after a lovely lie in, we got breakfast and having checked out, are spending the rest of the day by the pool. We have to leave about 3ish to get to our sleeper train and after such a nice stay at Top North Hotel, we will be spending the next two nights a bit more uncomfortably, sleeping in a bunk on a train. We stop off in Bangkok for a day, before reboarding the train to make our way to the Islands!!