The adventure


The plan:
6 months
4 continents
6 countries
30 cities
1 backpack

(2 skis, 2 walking boots, a silk sleeping bag, a hidden bumbag, a chord to tie myself to my rucksack, a map and lots of clothes)


Part 1:
In no time at all I will be off to Canada where I will be spending 6 weeks on the slopes of Whistler! This consists of a week with the family over new year, a few days touring Vancouver and then back up to Whistler village for 5 weeks training to be a ski instructor and completing my avalanche course.

Part 2:
The serious I-have-no-idea-how-i-will-fit-5-months-worth-of-clothes-into-one-bag backpacking adventure starts in Dubai for a very short transfer time before the a flight to Thailand. Once arriving in Bangkok we have a month to explore the country but I will leave our destinations for a later blog!
Next, Australia. We have 2 months to complete this vast country, starting in Sydney, moving up the East Coast to Cairns, across to Alice Springs, down to Melbourne and once our round trip is complete, back to Sydney to catch a flight to…
South America! Arriving in Chile we have a month to make our way through Chile and Bolivia, up to Peru. Here lies the world famous Inca Trail up to the lost city of Machu Pitchu which we will complete before ending our adventure working in a rural school in Cuzco.

Then, at last, (if they haven’t forgotten about us) we will be reunited with our families!


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