How to fund a 6 month holiday

How to fund a 6 month holiday

Crossing boarders, touring the globe and travelling between continents sounds like the adventure of a life time, but unfortunately everything costs money – ALOT of money, so how do you fund a 6 month long adventure?


Step one:
Have extremely generous family members who are willing to donate to the good cause that is your holiday.


Step two:
Start saving early. In my case, I’ve had a saving account for a couple of years now and random lump sums of money from birthdays and babysitting went straight into the account. (Well, sometimes…)

Step three:
Get a job (this is the most important!) ironically, I literally applied for any job I could see was available hoping I’d get at least one, turns out I actually got two and a part time extra job. Fantastic, a job at Topshop and a waitressing job at Lussmanns Restaurant can surely only mean lots of money except who has the time for two full time jobs and an extra job? Turning up to the first day at the restaurant to receive a rota with exactly the same shifts as Topshop was obviously an issue (whoops) but once resolved my life became the following: Topshop in the day, Lussmanns in the evening and tutoring whenever I had a spare moment.


Step three and a half:
Get your job, in a restaurant. This is probably the job that has allowed me to do what I want. Purely because as an undergraduate, I can only receive minimum wage, however with waitressing there are tips on top of general pay and I’ve been lucky enough to work in an environment where the tips almost double my wage – unexpected but a saviour when saving money (yeehaa!)


Step four:
Book early. The best thing to do when travelling to many different places is to sort out flights as soon as possible. Air travel only gets more expensive the later you leave it but with flexible flights they can be adjusted – just get them sorted as early as they come out!


Step five:
Get a piggy bank! Every little helps and by putting pound coins somewhere you can’t get them back could save you up to £300!

happy saving!

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