Sunset in Lanta

Today we woke up very late, but since we haven’t really had a proper lie in yet, we felt like we deserved it!
After another day relaxing by the pool (with our new lower factor suncream that we bought yesterday – branching out!) we had lunch/dinner at around 4ish and headed off on a 40minute tuck tuck journey to the South of the island, to the sunset view point, to watch the sunset.
The tuck tuck journey was great as it allowed us to see the whole island, and the different areas of it, as we had to drive all the way through. We passed a lot of quaint towns, similar to the one that we’re in with not many people or shops, but also a few busy towns full of markets and bars. We also drove through the ‘expensive’ part of the island with some of the most incredible and beautiful hotels where the rooms are villas situated up the hills overlooking the beautiful white beaches below. After the hotel area we passed a huge field with a broken down shed and a solitary baby elephant, this was very cute and very sad at the same time. Then finally we saw a small sign saying sunset view point with an arrow pointing up the road, however our tuck tuck driver stopped and told us that this was the view point, so we walked across the road and down some steps until we arrived on the most beautiful beach you have ever seem with a small cafe on stilts overlooking the sea. We had a drink in the cafe (except this turned into a bit of a disaster because the waiter split two mango smoothies all over Normy’s bag, covering it!) then we swiftly moved on but only after taking photos of the cafés sign. This was because the cafe is called “same same but different” something that basically all the thai people say when explaining or describing things and the westerners love it!
While we were walking down the beach we stopped to watch as the purple sun set behind the clouds, turning the whole sky and all the clouds different shades of maroon and leaving the sky above the cliffs glowing, reflecting on the sea and turning that purple too! It was the most beautiful sight and we are all so happy to have witnessed it while on our newly found beautiful beach.
The way home turned into a bit of a disaster too as it was a 40 minute drive there however on the way home, the motorbike of the tuck tuck decided to turn very rubbish (that or our driver didn’t want to waste fuel – we can’t decide) but every time we got to an uphill hill (and there was a lot of them) our driver would stop and say “sorry sorry walk” so we’d get out and hike up the steep hills while the tuck tuck driver drove to the top and waited for us. This happened a few times before we refused to get out and low and behold, with a little bit of revving, the motorbike made up the next hill and finally at last we were back.
BUT THEN our hotel had a giant power cut and went into pitch blackness just as we arrived, so torches in hand we finally made it to our room and decided to have a movie night, seeing as the dark room was provided for us without choice.
‘Along Came Polly’ was a great choice and now that it has finished, we are all tucked up in bed after another interesting but very good day!

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