Doing nothing and actually doing a lot

Today was our do nothing day, and after waking up relatively early (9.30ish) for a do nothing day, we put our bikinis on, sun creamed up and headed to the pool to relax in the sun.

For lunch we sat in the hotel’s little chill out bar with cushions and mats on the floor and low tables over looking the sea and the crashing waves… Then we headed back to the pool.

It was such a hot day so we literally spent the whole day in the pool playing games that Juliet and I have invented for travelling such as ‘travellers trivial pursuit’ where we make up the questions for each other (it becomes an problem when none of us know the answer though) with categories such as Film, Celebrities, English, History and Science. Safe to say most of the questions were in the film category – predominantly based on Harry Potter.

That evening we decided to go back to our extremely cute restaurant from the night before, but this time to walk there via the road. We’d been walking for about twenty minutes seeing nothing but random quaint little houses, chickens, cockerels and cows when suddenly we saw life in the form of a very busy Thai food market, and it smelt delicious!





After trying a lot of the food (it was so cheap! 10baht for chicken and sticky rice) we said our thank yous to the market people in the best thai we could speak, and carried on on our journey.
About ten minutes later we came across a 7eleven (the local supermarket of Thailand) and we were so happy as it meant there is a place on the island for us to buy necessities (it also means the island isn’t completely un-inhabited!) and so obviously we stopped off here, stocked up on suncream, tiger balm and water, then carried on.

At last we arrived at our favourite restaurant where we watched the sunset while drinking cocktails, eating our popcorn and then our dinner.
The cocktails were delicious, vanilla ice cream and baileys was so perfect after a very very hot day and we spent about 3 hours here just chatting – doing nothing but having the best time.


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