Sun-rise let-down

This morning at 4.45am I woke Juliet up and we both got dressed silently in the dark so as not to wake our room mates, and headed off on a one hour walk across Byron Bay and a hike up to the most easterly point of Australia, in order to watch the sunrise. It was a lovely walk and we passed 4 gorgeous secluded beaches with a few eager, early morning surfers. Then went we started the uphill hike the walk took us along the edge of the cliffs and through the woods. At 6.10am, ten minutes after the sun was meant to rise we finally made it to the view point!

Unfortunately, the weather today is atrocious and when we sat down on the grassy hill to watch the sun rise from the most easterly point of Australia which we had just woken up at 5am to get to and walked for an hour, we realised that the sky was filled with thick black and grey clouds and there was absolutely no chance of us seeing the sun rise and the clouds literally covered it. We sat for about another 30 minutes before giving up as all we’d seen was a faint yellow light shining underneath the clouds.
Not completely defeated as we’d done some more exercise ready for the inca trail and we’d hiked to a national point of Australia we decided to walk a bit further up to Byron Bay’s lighthouse, before starting our walk back to the dorm.
Ofcourse when we got back we went straight back to bed and slept until lunch time!
This afternoon the weather was still horrible so we went into town to do a but of shopping. In town there was a really sweet little girl, no more than 8 years old, selling bracelets that she’d made herself for 50cents, so ofcourse Juliet and I bought one each and they are now proudly part of our bracelet collections! We also found a man painting peoples names with three different sponges of different thickness. He was painting the coolest and most intricate designs of letters, but so quickly and with only the sponges as painting utensils! It was amazing, so Juliet got her name done!



This evening at dinner we made some more friends and then tonight we’re all going out for drinks as it’s our roommate’s last night, so all was definitely not lost today after our disastrous morning walk!

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