Regae Regae Regae Byron Byron Byron

Today when Julie and I woke up, the weather was still absolutely miserable. I don’t think I’ve ever heard rain that loud from inside a building, it was like a thousand pebbles being dropped on a stone floor. We had some breakfast and then realised that Captain America 2 (The Black Shadow) was on in the cinema in twenty minutes and as we had nothing else to do we went and saw it (FINALLY!!!).
And it was so so so good, at one point I even punched the air with happiness when he won one of his fights, I was that involved with the film. It also ends in such a way that there’s definitely going to be a Captain America 3, so Julie and I are VERY pleased with that.
When we got back, after lunch, bizarrely we both fell asleep through the whole afternoon, we must be exhausted or maybe we just need to catch up on sleep – either way the afternoon nap was obviously very necessary!

This evening we went to The Ginger Pig with our roommates for a live Reggae night. It started off with just one solitary singer playing guitar, and then he switched to the drums to tap out a beat for the next performer and so on. 20140414-234441.jpg
And then they had a jam session with three guitarists, one of them singing, and a drummer which was a lot more upbeat and had people up on their feet dancing. 20140414-234538.jpg
And then finally it was the dub step session with one guy on the decks while the other Reggae performers of the night took it in turns Reggae rapping to the beat. The one in the video was French and he was definitely the best – everyone was swinging their dread locks and dancing (well… swaying) to the music.

The reggae night was a lot of fun, with great musicians, a fab atmosphere and amazing reggae time decorations. It was also one of the best places to people watch that I’ve ever seen, with all different ranges of hippies, rasterfarians and then just normal people like me and Julie, all trying to dance and sing Jamaican style.