Port Douglas Day

Yesterday morning we woke up to a cloudy Port Douglas day, a bit disappointing after w’d been told that Port Douglas has the best weather in the whole of Australia. We were also absolutely covered in Mosquito bites, the most I’ve ever been since travelling, Nicole’s legs were the worst but all of us were unbearably itchy and uncomfortable.

20140511-165352.jpg We first went shopping to try and take our minds off the itchiness. We visited the boutiques and small shops on a strip and as we were browsing the expensive clothes (Port Douglas is an expensive holiday town) the sun decided to come out! We were so happy so we practically ran to the beach and spent the rest of the day there, lying in the sand and catching some rays. 20140511-105151.jpg
On the way back to the hostel we walked way to far and ended up inside the five star mirage hotel, very lost! Thankfully the staff there were nice to us, even though we’re measly backpackers – and gave us a lift on their golf buggy back to our hostel! So that was a nice surprise.
At 6pm we got the bus back to Cairns and our friends there and had a good night partying in Gilligans which was so busy, obviously the place to be on a Saturday night. 20140511-105640.jpg