Cape Trib day 2!

After probably one of the best and longest sleeps I’ve had since travelling, we all woke up fresh and ready for Jungle Surfing! This is effectively zip lining through the canopy of the Cape Tribulation rainforest and it was a lot of fun! As well as learning about the trees etc (which Nicole, Julie and I were less interested in) we zipped so fast from tree to tree, together, alone, upside down, backwards, you name it! It only took a couple of hours but we covered a huge area of the rainforest and saw some amazing views.





Once our jungle adventure had finished we decided to carry on our Australian jungle experience by going to a local cafe and eating the local Aussie animals!!! We shared two burgers of…. KANGAROO AND CROCODILE! And they were actualy surprisingly nice! The general agreement is that we all preferred the crocodile, but they were both delicious.

This afternoon we were back on the tour bus and visited the best ice cream factory in the whole of Cape Tribulation. A local lady sources all the ingredients and makes the ice cream by hand, and the flavours depend on the season and what sources of produce are available. Nicole, Juliet and I all had locally sourced honey ice cream which was so delicious, and although this might sound stupid it actually tasted so much like real honey!

The next stop along the way was Mossman Gorge, a beautiful crystal clear lagoon connected to a waterfall where we had the opportunity to swim! The water was ice cold so we didn’t actually swim in it ourselves but we did dip our feet in and climb the water fall’s boulders. We then went to a look out point and saw the amazing Great Barrier Reef.

The Cape Tribulation Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef are the only two world heritage points in the world to actually touch and we were able to stand right in between them, looking over both.
Now we have a night in Port Douglas and we’re all curious for the morning, to see what it has to offer!