Muay Thai Friiiiiday

When you come out of a gym looking like you’ve had a bucket of water chucked over your head there’s got to be a good reason… Mine and Juliet’s was a Muay Thai Boxing class. A lady Juliet knows from Spain does a lot of Muay Thai boxing and introduced us to her friends who are professionals and we went to their gym to join their morning training session! It was literally the biggest workout I’ve ever done, with kicking and punching and kneeing and elbowing aaaand with Thai men with pads screaming “hup” “hup” “hup” which we translated as ‘again’ ‘again’ ‘again’. It was never ending, even on our breaks we were actually just kicking punchbags instead of the men. And even though we were drenched in sweat, looking like drowned pigs, it was such a great morning and I’ve never said that about 8am exercise before! We even talked about taking up Muay Thai when we are back in England (this was discussed over a well deserved massive English breakfast, not sure whether the dream of becoming Muay Thai boxers will be short lived…) either way, it was a great morning’s work out and a once in a life time experience being trained by professionals and watching them train! It also left us truly exhausted for an afternoon of lying in the sun followed by some shopping and a savoury pancake.