Fish, fins, friends and films… NOW QUALIFIED

This morning we woke up VERY early (5.30am) in order to get all our stuff together, have breakfast and be on the long boat out to our diving boat at 6.30am! It seemed to be quite a chilly and overcast morning but soon the sun rose, the clouds disappeared and we saw how clear the sea was!
Dive 3
Destination: Chumphon Pinnacle
Time: 08.17
Depth: 18m
Bottom time: 33mins
Temperature: 27degrees
Suit: 3mm short
Weight: 5×0.8kg
Today was our day to be filmed and although this wasn’t the dive to muck about as it is the best dive spot in the whole if Koh Tao, we did do a James Bond entrance into the sea, holding onto our receiver and mask and the front flipping into the water. We saw a school of Chevron barracuda, a school of smooth tailed trevally, a giant grouper (it was so so big I thought it was a rock at first!), lots of pink anemone and rainbow runners!
The sea here was amazing, so clear and bright blue and although we couldn’t see the bottom it was incredible to be in such a vast space and even watching the bubbles in the deep blue was magical.

Back on the boat we sunbathed for a bit, changed tank, all got filmed jumping off the top, third level of the boat into the water and then set up again for dive two of the day!

Dive 4
Time: 10.20
Destination: White Rock
Depth: 14m
Temperature: 28degrees
Bottom time: 32mins
Surface interval: 1h29
Suit: 3mm short
Weight: 5×0.8kg
Notes: As this was the dive that we were being filmed on, we all made special effort to wave every time we saw the camera and look as professional as we could! We finalised the last few drills: mask removal and replacement, hovering, alternative air source accent and we even took off our fins and had a running race along the bottom of the ocean! We saw a blue spotted ribbon tail ray, a great barracuda, sergeant major fish and lots of blue spotted trout.

After getting back on the boat, we filmed the last scene of our movie and then the opening scene once we were back on the beach! This afternoon we spent the day sunbathing at a cool beach club and had the most delicious sushi dinner before heading back to Big Blue to watch our film and cried ourselves laughing as it was so hilarious!

Cheers to a incredible few days,
If you go diving in Thailand always go
To Big Blue, Koh Tao. It was a truly great experience, made even better and exciting by Chloe who always kept us feeling safe! Just wish I could do my advanced course now…