Moving on up

The exhaustion of doing absolutely nothing yesterday made me fall asleep before I had a chance to blog! But here it is…
We woke up and went for a mega breakfast and the backpackers coffee shop, Julie and I went all out and ate to our hearts content as we’d had a lie in and it was nearly lunch time so we were calling it ‘brunch’.
At 12.30 we boarded the greyhound bus in order to travel the 6 hours up to Agnes Water. At Hervey Bay about two hours north the two English girls, that we grew really close to at Fraser Island, got on the bus – REUNITED AFTER ONE DAY!

After probably the most hilarious bus journey of my life (it’s always funny with those two) with antics mostly to do with the very grumpy bus driver or hiding Julie’s beloved flip flop while she was sleeping, we arrived at Agnes Water at 6.10pm, earlier than schedule.
We’re staying at “Cool Bananas” a hostel which is actually really nice and very clean. There were so many people staying there off the greyhound bus that only our bags fitted into the shuttle and we had to walk there! But soon we arrived and immediately made friends with our roommates, then spent the evening chatting and watching sky fall before practically falling into bed as we were so tired.
It’s seriously exhausting doing nothing all day!

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